The endeavor, with the goal of providing a sense of normality to those impacted, is progressing well and is anticipated to be finished within a mere two weeks. The construction site, bustling with activity, resounds with the sounds of advancement as adept workers and dedicated volunteers work harmoniously to realize the project.

The resilient and practical housing units have been specifically crafted to offer refuge to families affected by the recent floods resulting from the Akosombo dam spillage. Each dwelling is furnished with essential facilities to address the immediate requirements of the residents.

Francis Tunu, the Project Coordinator, conveyed confidence regarding the project schedule. “We’ve been working around the clock to ensure that these housing units are not just structures but homes that offer comfort and security to those who have lost so much,” Mr Tunu ” stated Mr. Tunu.”The success of this initiative lies in the collective effort of the community. We welcome anyone willing to contribute their time and skills to join us in making a difference,”Mr Tunu urged.